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[ROB] Running Online Businesses in the Covid-19 Time
[ROB] Running Online Businesses in the Covid-19 Time
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In this course, our partner and remote-working experts from CoXplore will share with us their best practices on how to keep your online business running, even during a pandemic. In the past months, COVID-19 has challenged modern humanity like never before. Businesses all around the world are trying to find solutions to stay active. This Remote Session will explore Remote Control and Management for Online Business, benefits and possible problems and will give you the chance to ask your questions. With Jason Lusk as our invited expert, we will provide first-hand tips and tricks on how you can keep your business running, even in a pandemic situation.

  • Section 0: Introduction
  • Section 1: Rethink your strategy
  • Section 2: Get buy in and shared ownership
  • Section 3: Lead by example
  • Section 4: Build the right tech stack
  • Section 5: Document systems and processes
  • Section 6: Communicate more not less
  • Section 7: Be Human
  • Section 8: Create seperation between 'Work' & 'Home'
  • Section 9: Daily standups VS. Face-to-face Meetings
  • Section 10: Invest in a team of self-starters