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[EVAT] Effective Virtual Communication Across Teams
[EVAT] Effective Virtual Communication Across Teams
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“21st century organisations and businesses have come to be characterized by flatter and leaner teams collaborating beyond geographies and conventional workspaces.” Some of the recent disruptive global events and increasing trend towards remote, boundary-less, and cross-functional teams have further emphasized the need to effectively communicate with a diverse group of stakeholders through virtual channels like Email and Audio/Video Conference Calls, including platforms like Skype, Google Meet, WebEx and Zoom, among others.

  • Section 1: Appreciate the current context for virtual communication and focus on better preparation and planning
  • Section 2: Articulate key messages with a focus on objectivity, clarity, and succinctness
  • Section 3: Use appropriate digital tools to conversationally build rapport with the right mix of empathy and cultural sensitivity